The brief for this creation was to simply create 10 A4 collages. I chose to create 2 Panoramas, and have each of the 5 sections contain a different element that tells the story.

The work shows the stark difference between how people view the life of child actors, and the harsh reality. The first section in both images shows the dreams of wealth, and having basic shelter to live in. The second pannel conveys the desire for fame and fortune, that is replaced with a car-wreck of a career. The third pannel shows the idea of the star being at the center of attention, surrounded by life and other celebrities, which is then replaced with negativity. The 4th pannel shows how many young stars are showered in gifts from older actors, and how they are constantly thrust into the spotlight, and later in life given worse things by their peers. The final frame is a nod of the head to Shirley Temple, a famous child actor who went on to live a full and successful live, something all child stars wish to have.

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