This series of images is designed to be laid out left to right. The first three images show the model looking forward in time to the right, and the last three show the model looking back in time to the left. The passing of time throughout the image can be seen in the light as the sun sets, and symbolises the person getting older as the photos go on.

Symbolism can be seen in the images such as 50's style dresses to show the age of the mind, and the old petrol pump that is a vintage original that is broken and decayed to represent the fragile state of mind.


The series makes a statement of how people are usually so obsessed with hitting the next big milestone in life that they don't stop to enjoy the moment. When people get older and start to reflect on life, they start to wish they did more and long to be young again, captured in the last frame where the model tries to re-light her flame of life.

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