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Business Plan Challenge

Working as a team of four, we were given a strict brief to create collateral for the Year 11 Business Plan Challenge. We split the workload and were each assigned elements to complete.


I undertook the toughest element, which was the registration form, and the poster layout. Our overall key aspects of our self-created style guide were using a stark green, and creating a comical and fun layout. The registration form had to be black and white, with all the text provided, which meant that using our biggest visual element of green was out of the question.


I strove to create a visually engaging registration form that had playful elements and encorporated as many of the illustrations provided by the other team member Chris Garth as possible. This allowed the registration form to tie back to the other elements we created without relying on the colour green, and still created a form that stood out from all other documents that might get lost in a students bag.



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