Business Cards

The hardest thing about getting a business card is trying to figure out when you got it and who gave it to you 3 months down the track when you go to clean out your wallet.

I also had a conversation with an industry member about how they thought business cards were pointless, and they just throw them out after writing down their email address and number.


I wanted to create a business card people would want to keep, and set about sourcing a polaroid camera to borrow and a bunch of customisable stickers. When someone asked for a business card, I took a selfie with them, and slapped a sticker with all my contact information on the back that wrapped around to the front.



All of the images here were sent by people who now own the business card. If you have one of my business cards, take a picture and send it to me to put here, I'd love to see how it ended up turning out!

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