Photo by @ryanfsweeney

Hey, I'm Lauren.

I was gifted my first camera for Christmas when I was 14, and spent most of my class time ignoring my teachers while surreptitiously figuring out the mysteries of Photoshop since I was 15.


I studied Visual Communication Design with Honours at the University of Newcastle, focusing on storytelling through the medium of photography, and enjoyed learning everything else about the world of design along the way! I now freelance and complete my own personal projects while working full time as a Marketing Coordinator.

Everyone has a talent, a hobby, a passion, but sometimes our ideas need help to be able to make a coherent sentence. I love helping other people make their dreams a reality, and one day I'd love make a career out of helping other people turn their hobbies into careers. As a beautiful client once said,
"Lets make our dreams happen, not wait for them"


If you would like to collaborate on something gorgeous, hire me for your exciting project, ask me a question, or just say hi and send great puns, hit me up on the contact page.

Hit me up!
Why don't photographers smoke?
It twould take them 2 hours to light it!

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